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Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport is one of the top four airports in North-east China. 130 flight courses have been opened including 84 domestic flight courses and 46 international to keep air navigation with 89 cities home and abroad in 15 countries, in which 39 cities in foreign countries and regions, more than 1500 flights a week have formed air transportation network covering all over the country, radiating Japan, Korea as well as Russia and connecting with Europe, America, Australia and Asia basically. The airport is approximately 12.6 kilometers away from the venue, and easy to take taxi (costs about 30) at the exit of it (the most convenient way). 

Dalian is served by two major railway stations: Dalian Railway Station and Dalian North Railway Station.


Dalian Railway Station, located in the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, connects northeast and north China railways, with more than 50 tourist trains to Beijing, Shenyang, Harbin every day. It is a hub that connecting the sea and air as the largest passenger transport window of Dalian city with more than 20 millions of visitors setting out and arriving every year. Dalian Railway Station is approximately 9.0 kilometers away from the venue, and it will cost 22 by taxi.


Dalian North Railway Station is a newly-built station, which was put into operation in 1th Dec. 2012 for the stop of the high-speed trains, with which the travelling time can be cut in half. It is approximately 18.7 kilometers away from the venue, and it will cost 45 by taxi.